Looking to exercise

Dear Elrond,

Today I remembered the password to an account that I needed to use. This is something that I feel really great about it.

I also got around to drawing a few things and that helped with how stressed I have been feeling lately. A lot of making a mess essentially. I’ve certainly been making a lot more music over the past day than I have this whole first half of the year.

My Dad went out and bought me some GCSE revision  guides for maths and science, something that I really appreciate as I am very rusty on these things. Topping them up is important as I will be needing those skills in the future if I get onto the course that I want to do.

Now I am going to focus on this revision, therapeutic drawing and music making and trying to sort out my food problems. Ideally I would like to lose some weight before going to college. It would be nice not to be bullied because of my weight in the future. It has been such a strong part of my past.

Anyway, I shall end this here. I hope that you are safe and taking steps towards your dream.



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